Sunday, June 26, 2011


As I brought up in the movie post, we didn't go see "Bad Teacher" this week because it was decided that we would allocate the funds into buying a new bong!(pics later) My friend and I have a system where I hide his pieces for him and he lets me smoke with him when he comes over. We have been doing this for almost a year now and we have accrued several pieces (a bowl, small bubbler, and a large bubbler that's more like a small bong without a slide). In the past we also had a real bong (blue/white, about a foot tall named Darrel), but because of a very asshole joke, we had to get rid of it. We lent it to a some guy that one of my friends knew, but before we found out it was a joke, the guy with the bong broke it by accident. That was 7-8 months ago. But just yesterday, after not thinking on it very long, my friend who's pieces I stash, bought this big ol' bong for only $70. It is orange/black, the base is orange with a tinge of black and a black swirl at the bottom of the neck for holding. Plus, this thing is at least 2 feet tall.

PS: I'm going to hit that later tonight, you better believe it.

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