Sunday, June 26, 2011


As I brought up in the movie post, we didn't go see "Bad Teacher" this week because it was decided that we would allocate the funds into buying a new bong!(pics later) My friend and I have a system where I hide his pieces for him and he lets me smoke with him when he comes over. We have been doing this for almost a year now and we have accrued several pieces (a bowl, small bubbler, and a large bubbler that's more like a small bong without a slide). In the past we also had a real bong (blue/white, about a foot tall named Darrel), but because of a very asshole joke, we had to get rid of it. We lent it to a some guy that one of my friends knew, but before we found out it was a joke, the guy with the bong broke it by accident. That was 7-8 months ago. But just yesterday, after not thinking on it very long, my friend who's pieces I stash, bought this big ol' bong for only $70. It is orange/black, the base is orange with a tinge of black and a black swirl at the bottom of the neck for holding. Plus, this thing is at least 2 feet tall.

PS: I'm going to hit that later tonight, you better believe it.


This one may be a little longer because I have actually played several games, but I only want to talk about two: LA Noire and Trenched.

I got to play this game on the PS3 thanks to a friend who lent me his (I'm not going to buy one) and to Redbox's new feature to rent games from the kiosks (for those who didn't already know, it's $2 a night). After getting through the first 3 groups of cases plus a little in Vice, I would say that this game is a must play. For one thing, yes the faces are crazy awesome (it's one thing to see it in a video and another to actually play it), but overall the graphics are decent. But I'm not a stickler for graphics, I like gameplay. The cases themselves are set up in a very smooth way, letting you decide which leads to follow up on first. The interviews can be a little tiresome at first, but you slowly get accustomed to the different twitches and know when to "doubt" or "lie". Apart from the detective stuff, yes, there are not too much actual gun fights in the main cases, but the side cases make up for that (most side cases deal with shooting). All in all, a very well made game from the good people at Rockstar.

PS: I hate the driving though, not the act, but the fake open world that they made. It reminds me of Mafia II, which was one of the many reasons I was disappointed with that game.

Trenched, on the other hand, is full of shooting. This is the newest game from Double Fine, makers of Costume Quest and Stacked (CQ was decent but way too short. Stacked was god awful, I didn't even play it because the cut scenes literally made me want to commit homicide). This game is sweet, incorporating a Third-person shooter with Tower defense. Toy Soldiers tried the something similar (which I think worked), but this version is just way more accessible to newer gamers. In the game, you fight in a "Trench", basically a big mech with huge guns that are completely customizable. Also taking into consideration that it is a Tower defense game also, the player can choose between three different types of bodies: a middle one, a gun heavy one, and a turret or"emplacement" heavy one; allowing you to play the way you want. Plus, it's just $15 on XBLA, so it's not like it will punch a hole through your wallet.

PS: Going to go play it now.


Since we were in the awkward phase between Fall/Spring and Summer shows, the only thing that I want to talk about is, of course, Game of Thrones.

Now whether or not you have heard or seen anything about this show, you should watch it. You don't need to have HBO to watch it, just use the power of the Internet and watch them. There's only 10 episodes, but they are a full hour long, so be wary. The show itself deals with 4 different families, or Houses in the show, that get caught up in different things whether with each other or other forces. The show starts off pretty grounded in reality, but slowly sprinkles in some real fantasy elements (not spoiling them). The season in it's full is comprised of three big story archs that revolve around completely diverse characters. Lastly, if you should watch, take notice of the intro (besides the sweet song) and look at the locations on the map (they change!).

PS: Very excited for True Blood and Weeds starting tonight/tomorrow.

Movies Catch up

So far all that I have seen is "Green Lantern"; i was going to see "Bad Teacher" this past Friday, but we ended up spending money on something else (in the smoking section).

I don't know about other people, but I thought that GL was a great comic book movie and I was excited to see something other than Superman or Batman. Some people have said that the actual use of the power ring was bad (mainly the party scene where he first shows himself on Earth), although I just think they might have overseen the parallel between the use of his power to the car ramp in Hal's nephew's room shown earlier. Anyways, I highly recommend people to go out and watch this movie.

PS: There is a clip at the end of the movie. I didn't know so I had to look it up, but if you know the storyline of Green Lantern it won't be too surprising.

Sorry I was gone for so long...

I had stuff to deal with/figure out what to blog. But now I know: "blog what you know". This would include Movies, TV, Gaming, and smoking. So I will start with a catch up from then to now.